Petal Perfect

by | Apr 2024

The Gardens - Judy Fulk

Photo: Judy Fulk

Unveiling sublime beauty of nature’s purple majesty.

Judy Fulk cherishes Arneson Acres as her go-to haven for capturing the ideal photograph. Fulk, who lives in west Edina, will stop and take photos of flowers, birds, pollinators and the gorgeous fountain that is the focal point of the park. But on one June afternoon, it was a patch of purple flowers that took center stage.

“I particularly like the large alliums, so I decided to see whether it would work to feature them with the fountain in the background,” Fulk says. “I love the contrast between the foreground color and detail and the largely green background.”

Photographer: Judy Fulk
Title: The Gardens
Equipment: OM-1 camera with an Olympus 12–100 Pro lens
Category: Places in Edina
Award: Honorable Mention


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