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by | Feb 2022

Local Evereve flagship store gets a heartfelt makeover.

Local Evereve flagship store gets a heartfelt makeover.

Local Evereve flagship store gets a heartfelt makeover.

If you’ve been out and about in the 50th & France area, it’s hard not to notice a bold new navy blue façade next to Paper Source. While the storefront might feel unfamiliar at first, the space is actually the new home of a well-known Edina women’s apparel brand, Evereve.

After 12 years in downtown Edina, Evereve founder Megan Tamte says there was never any question that the flagship store would stay in 50th & France. “It’s where we started; it’s the heart of our brand,” Tamte says. So, for the flagship redesign, the store just moved down two doors from its original location.

Aside from the historic significance of Edina for the company, this city is also where Tamte calls home and where the headquarters of Evereve is located. It’s also where she first worked with Betsy Vohs, founder and CEO of Studio BV, a Minneapolis-based interior design firm. “We did [the Evereve] home office with Studio BV,” Tamte says, referring to the 2018 Evereve headquarters design project that would begin to lay the groundwork for the brand’s current in-store aesthetic.

When Tamte felt Evereve’s stores were out of touch with the company’s core values, she turned to Studio BV for help.

“We spent about three months researching where the stores were and where they wanted to go,” Vohs says.

And all that time and research paid off. “I’m really proud of the exterior,” Tamte says. Aside from the navy blue (a nod to Evereve’s start in denim) and the double “E” doorknobs, you’ll also see a blue heart on the top of the left of the building.

“It’s our flagship heart,” Tamte says. “Hearts are really important to me.” Evereve’s core values are humility, empathy, authenticity, relationship and tenacity, which Tamte calls “H.E.A.R.T. values.”

These values became a guiding light for Tamte and Vohs during the design process, influencing the modern-but-warm aesthetic the pair eventually decided on. “We used a new design color of navy and white oak to help create a rich material palette that is about contrast,” Vohs says.

One of the most dramatic points of contrast is the new navy blue fitting area. “We wanted the design of the dressing rooms to match the personality and care that the stylists bring to each customer at Evereve,” Vohs says.

The emphasis on the fitting rooms wasn’t arrived at through happenstance, however. “The dressing room is the heart and soul of the Evereve experience,” Vohs says. “It’s the reason people come into the store to shop instead of doing so online … The heart of the brand is rooted in the store experience. It’s all about connecting to the stylist and feeling good.”

Going forward, there will be a new way to connect with stylists as well. “We’re very excited that we’re integrating some of our social media … personalities [into the in-store experience],” Tamte says. A screen will feature these creators’ content, so shoppers can see outfits on real, everyday women as they shop.

Evereve; 3906-8 W. 50th St.

952.746.8255; evereve.com

Evereve   @evereve_edina



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