Evereve’s Mission is ‘Spreading Joy One Outfit at a Time’

by | Jul 2019

Evereve stylists from the 50th and France location model summer trends.

Evereve stylists from the 50th and France location model summer trends. Photo: Tate Carlson

Over the store’s nearly 15 years, Megan Tamte and the women behind her have built Evereve into a national powerhouse.

Evereve is the brainchild of Edina mom Megan Tamte. Over the store’s nearly 15 years, Tamte and the women behind her have built Evereve into a national powerhouse. It’s no wonder that Evereve is regularly voted as best boutique in our retail apparel category. We sat down with Kristina Klockars and Amy Watkins, two longtime Evereve employees. Klockars is Evereve’s vice president of merchandising and founding leader. Watkins is the general manager of the Evereve flagship store in Edina.

EDM: How long have you been working at Evereve?
Klockers: Fourteen years.
Watkins: Eight years.

EDM: What is it like to work at Evereve?
Klockers: Our mission at Evereve is to deliver joy, one outfit at a time. I really connected to our mission because I believe a great outfit can make your day, bring you confidence and show the world who you are.
Watkins: Our mission is to empower women to feel good. I find meaning and a sense of purpose every single day … Part of our culture is to pamper our customers; spreading joy one outfit at a time. But our special niche is that we give a styling experience. All of us are trained on body type. All of us are trained to fit premium denim. Styling with heart is what we’re all about.

EDM: What’s the workplace culture like?
Watkins: Loving, fun, warm and big-hearted … This company is really passionate about education and learning. We’re studying Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead. [The company] invests in our education so they give us the book and they give us the workbook—all of us managers and we’re doing that together. Another one of our core values is, “Always learning, never done growing.” I think that’s important for me … because one of my passions is developing young leaders and watching them soar through Evereve. I just had one of my managers be promoted. She moved out to Ohio. I had another assistant manager who was promoted and is now the store manager of Eden Prairie.

EDM: What should we be wearing in July?
Klockers: A must-have piece for summer is a dress, jumpsuit or romper. These are go-to and easy to dress up or down and take your style from backyard barbecues to beachfront wedding.
Watkins: I would say that the biggest shift is in denim. It’s going to be more the straight leg. Skinnies will never go out of style. The trend is going to be more straight leg, ankle and crop. Jumpsuits. Super soft and relaxed jumpsuits for all body types, really comfortable kimonos, graphic tees and the cut-off shorts.

EDM: What are some must-haves?
Klockers: Updated stripes, novelty bottoms such as fluid pants, shorts and skirts. Also animal print and neon. Do you have a great denim jacket? A great pair of sandals? Those are the summertime staples that are really going to help you maximize your wardrobe.


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