OrangeTheory Fitness Explains How to Do a Perfect Push Up

by | Jul 2019

A woman prepares for a perfect push up.


Best of Edina fitness studio finalist Orange Theory Fitness has some exercise tips on how to tone and strengthen arms.

People tend to show off more skin in the hot summer months. Best of Edina fitness studio finalist Orange Theory Fitness has some exercise tips on how to tone and strengthen arms.

“A standard push-up hits a lot of major arm muscles including the pecs, chest, triceps and shoulders,” Mike Calawerts, Orange Theory owner, says. “If you are new to fitness, specifically push-ups, one set of five to 10 repetitions may be all that’s needed to see initial results … While everyone’s bodies and goals are so uniquely different, I recommend meeting with a certified fitness professional prior to starting a program on your own.”

Perfect the Push Up
Here’s how to incorporate proper form and movement at a variety of intensity levels:

First: Start on your knees and prop yourself up by using the edge of your couch.

Modify: Want it a little harder—progress to a push-up on the ground, on your knees.

Later: Once you feel yourself getting stronger, try a push-up on your feet with the assistance of a couch or a ledge.

Next: The full push-up on the floor!

Pro Tip: Other variations to challenge yourself—try a push-up on one leg, or shift your center of gravity in front of your shoulders.


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