Summertime Fun (and Education) for Kids in Edina

by | Jul 2019

A child plays mini golf at Centennial Lakes Park

Photo: Tate Carlson

Three months of summer can lead to boredom.

Fun Outing: Centennial Lakes Park
Three months of summer can lead to boredom. Centennial Lakes Park can make a fun afternoon outing that can last into the evening. Start your day by watching a cultural performance. Scheduled performances happen Monday through Thursday at the Maetzold Amphitheater. After a performance, try your hand at the putting course, croquet and lawn bowling. Cool off on the water by renting a paddle boat. If boating isn’t your thing, then watch a remote control sailboat race or fish in the pond. Finish the evening by watching the sunset. An extra treat is movies in the park, which start at sunset every Thursday.

Everyday Activities for All Grades
If you need inspiration for at-home activities, your Best of Edina private preschool/childcare winner Kinderberry Hill has ideas for your toddlers and preschoolers:

“Get outside and get messy,” Michele Hofmann Grams, executive program director, says. “Things as simple as planting and caring for a garden, digging in the dirt, playing in a light rain, napping outside in the shade, going on a nature walk and having a picnic are activities children love and allow them to explore and get dirty.”

For older children, Mathnasium, a finalist in your Best of Edina learning/tutoring center category, has a list of activities and programs to keep math skills sharp.

For School-aged Kids

  • Cook a meal together and have your student help with the measurements and any ratios needed.
  • Practice pricing different items at a store to figure out which is the best deal.
  • IXL is a program that can provide practice problems for the coming school year. All Edina students have access to this program.
  • Prodigy is a free online math game for students in grades one through eight.
  • The website for the MAP test has practice tests and problems for students.
  • Khan Academy is a free online resource that has great educational videos on a variety of topics.
  • And of course, Mathnasium is a great way to avoid the summer slide and help students get ahead over the summer.

(As told to Feroza Mehta by Nathan Keysser, Mathnasium’s Center Director.)


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