How to Work from Home Away from Home

by | Jul 2019

A cocktail on a table at a vacation destination.

Photo: Newmark Travel

An on-the-clock getaway can be a great refresher – just remember, you’re NOT on vacation.
  1. This is NOT a vacation. Pack your office. Assure clients and co-workers that work is not going to skip a beat. Be judicious about sharing the weather and beach breaks– jealously does not foster good working relationships.
  2. You’re not “Lodging,” you’re “Living.” Pack what you use. Yoga mats and exercise bands will take up little trunk space and keep you on your regiment.
  3. Keep your own kitchen. While rental kitchens may be well stocked, having some of your own creature comforts can make a difference on extended stays. Bring your knives and spices.
  4. Lock-in weekends with friends and family. The Emerald Coast is the picture of a Caribbean resort but flights are around 4 hours and airfares are often under $400. It’s true, you’re never lonely when you have a beach house.

Newmark Travel


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