The Skin Sisters: Local experts share skin care tips online

by | Dec 2018

Brooke Moss and Lauren Sundick, Skin Sisters

The Skin Sisters, Brooke and Lauren. Photo: The Skin Sisters

Edina-raised sisters Brooke Moss, 35, and Lauren Sundick, 36, are the local duo behind the popular Instagram account @TheSkinSisters and the blog by the same name where readers and social media fans will find tips about all aspects of skincare. Ever wish you had a sister or a friend with a decade’s worth of experience in Dermatology? Now you can pretend you do. Moss and Sundick are knowledgeable, accessible, and ready to help.

Sundick says, “What I love most about The Skin Sisters Instagram account and the blog is sharing knowledge with people who are interested in skincare and dermatology. We make skincare easier for people who may be intimidated by all of the products and information out there.”

It is certainly easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available for all the skincare products on the market from sunscreen to acne treatments to anti-aging prevention. How much is necessary to spend on an eye cream? Can you get Botox and still look like yourself? At The Skin Sisters, Moss and Sundick aim to demystify these choices and combat common myths. They can answer a wide variety of questions until they get one that gives them no choice but to say, “Please make an appointment.” Their blog and Instagram account offer great advice for free, but they’re not meant to take the place of a medical consultation.

Lucky for local readers, Moss and Sundick relocated their careers as dermatology physician assistants from the East Coast to right here in Edina at Zel Skin & Laser Specialists at 50th and France. Although they trained in separate programs on the East Coast and practiced out-of-town for years, Moss and Sundick always knew they’d eventually come home to live and work closer to family and friends. Neither is surprised they landed at Zel Skin & Laser Specialists.

“This is our dream,” says Sundick. “We grew up on Interlachen and drove by Zel every day.”

“We always wanted to work in our community,” says Moss.

On staff at Zel since April, Moss and Sundick joined the team as dermatology physician assistants to expand the medical dermatology offerings for current and new Zel clients. They can treat everyone from babies to elderly patients.

You don’t need an appointment to know more details about the products they highlight at The Skin Sisters. “But you do need to be seen if you have a rash,” says Moss. Both Sundick and Moss can diagnosis, treat, and formulate a plan for the average person’s medical skincare needs such as skin cancer screenings, acne, warts, eczema, rashes, and more. They can also administer Botox and fillers.

Moss and Sundick appreciate the opportunity to form relationships with patients over time. “So many things we see in Dermatology like acne, cancer screenings, rashes, and more require follow up at least a few times a year,” says Moss. “Seeing my patients’ positive progress over time is so rewarding. I strive to make every patient feel like family when they are in my office.”

Even though they’re busy with appointments at the office, Moss and Sundick still enjoy running The Skin Sisters account as an outlet for information alongside their one-on-one work. “Our social media presence allows us to connect with people around the country and even around the world,” says Moss. “Our blog and Instagram accounts has also given us the opportunity to virtually ‘meet’ other physician assistants working in dermatology and allows us to be part of a really smart, supportive community.”

Learn more at and on Instagram @theskinsisters.


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