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by | Jan 2019

Edina Art Center Susan Tarnowski general manager

Photo: Emily J. Davis

Meet the Edina Art Center’s new general manager Susan Tarnowski.

A new general manager has been hired for the Edina Art Center, our place to see the city’s best exhibitions, participate in different cultural events and develop artistic skills. Edina native, Susan Tarnowski assumes the role of encouraging those in the community who are interested in art to pursue it as a method of self expression.

Tarnowski, an artist herself, spent over 20 years working in higher education. She was an administrator and also a vice president for academic and student affairs in several universities before she settled at South Central College in Mankato. She recently retired but could not resist going back to work doing something she had always hoped she could do. So when this particular job opportunity became available, Tarnowski leapt at the chance to work directly with the arts.

“I could not turn down the opportunity to work at the Edina Art Center—my dream job,” Tarnowski says.

Tarnowski has been thoroughly enjoying every moment. She first began her love affair with the arts as a musician and has spent most of her life either teaching music or working with other music teachers. However, she has been creating other types of art since she was a child. She is self-taught in both stained glass artwork and photography. In this job, she hopes to take advantage of all of the classes offered to increase her skill level and interact even more with like-minded artists.

“This is an opportunity to carry on a wonderful tradition of art making and to explore new ways of interacting with the community of Edina and our broader community,” Tarnowski says.

Tarnowski encourages everyone to get involved at the Edina Art Center, whether they are seasoned artists or beginners who want to discover new skills. She suggests taking a class to explore more accessible forms of art such as drawing and painting. Classes that require more equipment and materials such as pottery, jewelry making and metalwork are also regularly available. The center is even offering new workshops on how to create felted luminaria, which is a small lamp made of felt. Since felt is so versatile, you can make your luminaries in any shape, size or color, to fit most any desired space.

This winter, there are several special classes and events being offered. These special events will celebrate the 20th annual “Potters Games,” a series of pottery based competitions including making a pot with your feet, making the tallest vase or making a pot blindfolded.

There are also three exhibits on display at all times at the Edina Art Center so guests can explore different artists’ work anytime. Not only is it fun to discover and experience these creative methods, you can also still buy unique gifts for friends and family. Tarnowski and the Edina Art Center encourage you to continue to share creativity with others. “You can explore the handmade pieces in our gift shop—a handmade object is always a perfect gift for someone,” Tarnowski says.

Know a talented local artist? Let us know so we can spotlight them in the pages of Edina Magazine.


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