Why Do Home Buyers Have Their Hearts Set on Edina?

by | Jul 2019

Two women walk through 50th & France.

Photo: Emily J. Davis

Edina’s reputation speaks for itself.

Prospective home buyers often have their minds made up; they will only consider homes in Edina. What drives buyers to hone in on a community without ever having experienced it as a homeowner firsthand? Edina’s reputation speaks for itself.

Edina public schools:
Opting to forgo the uncertainty of open enrollment, buyers want an Edina zip code. The breadth of academic options coupled with consistent accolades equates to value for those looking to lay down roots.

City living in a suburban environment:
It’s not uncommon for buyers to migrate to Edina from areas with more density. Seeking that community feel, Edina delivers on amenities like shopping, notable eateries and walkability without compromising accessibility. Location. Location. Location.

Unrivaled city services:
Edina’s infrastructure makes it a preeminent place to live, work and play. From meticulously groomed roads and well-manicured parks to engaged law enforcement and a vivacious city council, buyers recognize the value that this foundation holds for their investment long term.

Sarah Schaffer is an Edina based realtor with Fox Homes.


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