Diligent efforts lead to Bob Wilson's Lifetime Achievement Award
The votes are in! Here are the top 3 finalists in each category of this year's Best of Edina.
"Meet Me in Paris" Normandale French Immersion program in Edina held a fundraiser in November 2017
Winter can be tough on our four-legged friends. Local veterinarians offer advice for keeping our pets safe and healthy this season.
This year's Leadership Awards Breakfast. Community members recognized people who demonstrated leadership and positive values.
Veterinarians share insights into their work and pet ownership.
Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative seeks to provide shelter to young adults.
Edina honors these furry crime-fighters with a memorial sculpture by lifetime Edina resident Michelle Recke.
Om Jahagirdar founded Omnisight, an international charity that aims to provide vision screenings and eyeglasses to people around the world.