4 Things to Do When Preparing Your Home for Sale

by | Sep 2019

A clean living room. Decluttering is one of the first things to do when selling your home.


What you should (and shouldn’t) do when preparing to sell your home.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for preparing your home to sell. What you should (and shouldn’t) do comes down to an equation of the price you want to receive for your home, its current condition, the way the market is behaving in your neighborhood and more. A realtor can weigh your home against comparable properties to give you an accurate valuation as well as the value that certain upgrades will bring. Be strategic in the improvements you make to increase your overall bottom line.

With that said, there are certain tasks every homeowner can do that require minimal investment while driving maximum results.

Declutter: Be intentional about what you choose to keep in your home and consider the message it sends prospective buyers. Closets and cabinets should be paired down to essentials and appear tidy. The emptier they are, the more storage is perceived.

Depersonalize: Selling your home is about creating an emotional connection between a buyer and a house. If the space wears your unique stamp, it obstructs these essential connections from forming.

Cleaning: Dust, dirt, stains and odors are an immediate turn off and a red flag for buyers. Your home should have a freshly cleaned feel each time it’s shown.

Staging: Use furniture and accessories to highlight your home’s features or distract from shortcomings. Create an atmosphere that eliminates guess work for potential buyers. Sometimes it yields a greater return to call in professionals to take your staging to the next level.

Sarah Schaffer is an Edina based Realtor with Fox Homes. Visit her website for more on buying, selling, renovation and design.


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