Add Something Wild to Your Wardrobe with Animal Print

by | Mar 2019

A fashion model wears animal print boots, a pink skirt and a chambray shirt

Photo: Paisley + Sparrow

Animal print has been a hot trend for decades. It started in the 1920s when owning an animal print rug was a sign of elite social status. Kings and noble society members once regarded prized animal prints as ultimate trophies. Fashion enthusiasts would later view animal print as a provocative way to shake up conservative fashion in a WILD kind of way. Fast forward to today—when you consider your closet staples you envision images of blazers, denim, basics in black, white, navy, grey, and of course, something animal print. If fashion runways or shop windows on 50th and France are any indication, the call of the wild remains irresistible.

Wendy Witherspoon is a personal stylist and founder of Prink Style.


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