Advice from a Travel Advisor: Plan Ahead

by | Aug 2019

The Old Course at St. Andrews, the oldest golf course in the world

Photo: Newmark Travel

Expert advice on travel expectations.

In early March, I sat down with a delightful couple who shared their dream of a golf vacation in Scotland for a 50th birthday extravaganza this September. I explained, that most 2019 golf vacations are already locked but that I love a challenge. My resourcefulness paid off but they only achieved half their of dream for twice the price due to such late planning. The lesson is that if you wish to secure Scottish tee times for 2020, travel experts need to get your requests in this month.

Why it’s important to make those plans:

Ten thousand Americans turn 65 each day and most rank travel as a top priority. They have both the time to plan and the flexibility to grab the best deals.

National Geographic estimates that 3.8 billion air travelers in 2019 will balloon to 7.2 billion by 2035. Emerging countries have an emerging middle class that wants to see the world.

Millennials moving up the corporate ladder are taking time to travel before settling down. Virtuoso, the world’s largest travel network, reports 32 percent of clients are millennials. They are out of the basement and sitting in your economy seat with the help of a travel advisor.

The influence of social media is likely motivating travelers to “go there too.”

Today’s travelers are open to immediate deals while also planning at least nine months for those special adventures. More than ever, families are opting for curated, multi-year plans by advisors who intimately understand their dreams, tastes and budgets.

So, get on board. All you have to gain by planning ahead are better experiences, better pricing and more time to imagine your trips of a lifetime.

Mark Murray is a travel advisor for Newmark Travel, an affiliate of Pique Travel Design.


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