Bee Enchanted

by | Mar 2024

Busy Bee! - Mark Bergeron

Photo: Mark Bergeron

Breathtaking moment captured in the morning light.

Sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful in Minnesota that Mark Bergeron grabbed his camera in hopes of capturing the perfect image in the morning’s favorable light.

“I happened across a busy bee, enjoying the tasty nectar of our backyard flowers,” Bergeron says. He added he liked “the intent and focus of the bee, just going about its business, savoring the flower.”

The shot was extra special to him because of the equipment used. “With a full manual lens, I was also just happy to capture a moving bee in focus,” he says.

Photographer: Mark Bergeron
Title: Busy Bee!
Equipment: Leica M10R and Summicron APO 35/f2
Category: Plants and Animals
Award: Runner up


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