Champagne for Every Day

Salut’s expanded bar gives everyone a reason to celebrate.
The expanded bar area at Salut Bar Americain in Edina provides plenty of reasons for everyday revelers to toast during its daily champagne happy hour from 3-6 p.m.

Champagne is not just for New Year’s Eve anymore, at least not in Edina. Salut Bar Américain opened its new champagne bar last summer, giving Edina residents something to celebrate during their daily routine. “It’s the idea of simply offering something that’s celebratory, but that’s also an everyday kind of drink,” explains Kip Clayton, vice president of marketing.

With the Parisian bistro-type vibe in the space, Clayton wanted champagne to be more approachable for the American crowd that eats there. “Americans don’t experiment with champagne very often,” he says, commenting that in Paris, champagne is a very common drink.

Salut has been in its location at 50th and France for about 10 years, and the need for a larger bar space came partly from suggestions from customers. “We’ve always wished that the bar was bigger, more welcoming and with warmer lighting,” Clayton says. “We basically doubled the size of the space and significantly changed the menu to include a lot of champagne friendly menu items.” Salut’s champagne options range from less expensive glasses to the best money can buy.

The French-American bistro aims for a comfortable, easy vibe as a neighborhood gathering spot. The new addition of space creates two distinct dining zones—one where families can enjoy dinner, and an enclosed bar area where a young-adult crowd can enjoy a drink and a bar snack. The new bar atmosphere is cheerful and approachable, according to Clayton.

Salut’s new bar space opened with a neighborhood party in August, kicking off the fall season—just another reason to celebrate the everyday with friends, food and champagne.