Cheese Sticks: Not Just for Kids

by | Dec 2023

Crystal Farms Cheese Sticks

Photo: Chris Emeott

Cheese sticks evoke memories of school lunches, where mundane mozzarella was encased in a plastic wrapper, eagerly torn open by hungry children and quickly devoured in just a few bites.

Edina based Crystal Farms is trying to change that conception and bring cheese sticks into the snacking realm of adults. The two new flavors are Sharp Cheddar and Gouda.

“We heard over and over, ‘I love to snack but there’s nothing for me,’” Janell Lofton-Minta, vice president of growth and marketing for Crystal Farms, says. “Adults need a snack, too.”

The gouda flavor captivates the palate with its rich, nutty undertones and velvety texture. Its complex profile offers a delightful balance of savory and creamy notes, making it a gourmet indulgence. For those craving a bolder experience, the Sharp Cheddar variety delivers an intense burst of tangy and robust flavors. Each bite showcases the cheese’s matured character, creating a gratifying taste sensation that lingers.

Lofton-Minta says the new cheese sticks can have a place on the coveted real estate of the holiday charcuterie board by cutting them up into cubes.

“It’s an easy way to make your board more sophisticated,” she says, adding that charcuterie boards are a cornucopia of textures, sizes and flavors. “Adding the cheese stick allows more creativity. This is another opportunity to bring different sizes and textures in the mix.”


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