The Color of Love

by | Feb 2021

Two glasses of red wine on a light green background. Beautiful still life with wine on a Sunny day. Bright light.

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A red wine worth celebrating.

“Love You Bunches.” Pun intended in this month of Valentine’s Day recommendation. Love You Bunches by the Stolpman Family in Santa Barbara County is a new Carbonic Sangiovese that is really fun and easy to drink. (You can learn more about carbonic fermentation online). This is a light and fresh red wine with minimal tannins and is produced to be consumed young, without much fuss. This would pair great with a spinach salad dressed with bleu cheese, berries, toasted almonds and a warm bacon vinaigrette. Additionally, pork tenderloin with a raspberry sauce. Put the bottle outside for a bit and serve slightly chilled. Yet another Minnesota winter advantage!

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Contributed by Scott Anderson, a certified wine professional; @andersonbytheglass


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