Community Leaders Showcase Chic Bumbershute Styles

by | Feb 2024

Photos: Chris Emeott

As the frosty breath of winter envelops us, it’s time to embrace not just the chill in the air, but also the warmth of winter fashion. From cozy knits to stylish layers, this season invites us to redefine our wardrobe with a touch of frosty flair.

So bundle up in your favorite scarves, and let’s explore the enchanting world of winter style where chilly meets chic. And what better boutique to guide us through winter wardrobes than Bumbershute? Owner Kathryn Paulsrud offers a uniquely curated collection of your favorite contemporary brands. Think Rag and Bone, ATM, Cotton Citizen and L’agence.

With Paulsrud’s mother at the helm, the very first Bumbershute opened in 1970 in Fargo, North Dakota. Later, her mom moved the boutique to Minnesota before Paulsrud brought Bumbershute to Edina in 2008.

Paulsrud says since COVID-19, there’s been a shift in fashion, with people enjoying a more relaxed style.

“It’s really cool because the contemporary brands, even the elevated couture brands, are cutting clothes for work, but they’re comfortable,” she says.

Whether it’s a soft feminine blazer or a comfortable, yet delicately stylish sweater, Paulsrud has given us several looks to step up winter style. Cardigans, turtlenecks, bodysuits and basic tees are plentiful. When it comes to trousers, she says it’s all about finding a pair of pants that are gorgeous, yet immensely comfortable.

Meanwhile, Edina feels like home for this forward-thinking fashion maven. “I enjoy that this community enjoys fashion. I enjoy that they will go out of the box a little bit. I think that’s fun, and I like it when people allow me to dress them,” Paulsrud says.

Here are some custom looks Paulsrud has put together, and we have several community leaders, who have graciously modeled for us.

Sonia Sahgal

As president of the Morningside Woman’s Club (MWC), Sonia Sahgal says the club provides a sense of belonging.

“My parents moved to the U.S. before I was born, leaving our family in India. Our ‘new’ family in Minnesota was built from lasting friendships, which I have cherished,” Sahgal says.

Founded in 1937, MWC is a multigenerational, nonprofit organization. The group meets monthly and is open to women in all neighborhoods. Sahgal says she gains insight and inspiration from the programs the club offers to its members.

“A local chef taught us the benefits of Sri Lankan spices, and we had a lecture/demonstration with a professional jazz dancer from Zenon Dance,” she says.

The club contributes financially to the community by donating a portion of its yearly dues, as well as profits from fundraising events, to fund scholarships for Edina High School graduates. The largest fundraiser is the MWC Holiday Market, held every November. The club also offers support to the city of Edina by providing volunteers to collaborate on service.

Tillana Chakraborti

Tillana Chakraborti is the president and founder of South Asian Women’s Network (SAWN).

“Like every big adventure, SAWN started with the question, ‘What if?’ What if professional South Asian women in the Twin Cities had an inclusive space where they could foster meaningful connections,” Chakraborti, an Edina resident, says.

Founded in 2019, the organization welcomes the unique voice and experience each person brings and celebrates in each other’s successes, she says.

A critical pillar of SAWN’s mission is to partner with local organizations to empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Its board of directors is working on setting up a mentoring program to benefit girls from low-income families in India.

“I am incredibly proud to see how SAWN has nurtured a community of women leaders that inspire and support each other—from executives and entrepreneurs to workforce returnees and students,” Chakraborti says.

Kelly Condit-Shrestha

Kelly Condit-Shrestha, who has a doctorate in history, is one of the founding members of the Edina Asian American Alliance (EAAA).

EAAA was formed in April 2022 and is an intergenerational, grassroots coalition of students, parents and community members allied in deep commitment to Asian and Asian American youth in Edina Public Schools and the broader Edina community.

“Our Asian Edina community is incredibly vibrant, diverse and involved,” Condit-Shrestha says. “To be part of EAAA means helping to bring together, build and highlight our community, which I love so very much. At its core, EAAA serves as a vehicle to build relations, create community, and support a safe and inclusive Edina.”

EAAA’s first annual Asian American Pacific Islander Month Festival was held in May 2023. Longtime community members expressed that they felt truly seen and included for the first time, Condit-Shrestha says.

“I am so very proud of the meaningful impact that EAAA has made in the short time we’ve been an organization,” she says.

Shelly Loberg

Shelly Loberg is the new president of the Edina Chamber of Commerce. After nine years with the chamber, she was recently promoted from her role as vice president to president.

The Edina Chamber of Commerce is responsible for promoting, connecting and advocating for the business community.

“The standout thing for me is the Edina Fall Into the Arts Festival, which we took over the administration of in 2022,” Loberg says. “The very first year, we more than doubled the sponsorship sales and the activation of local businesses in the event. All that money goes back into the community.”

Loberg is also the new president of the Rotary Club of Edina.

With a mission to provide service to others, Rotary is the largest humanitarian service network in the world.

Loberg says she is very passionate about the work they do in developing countries.

“Our club has authored Rotary grants that have supported clean water and sanitation projects and maternal and child health projects,” she says. “Another thing that I’m very passionate about is elevating other women in leadership. I think that’s so important—for women to lift each other up and support one another.”

Afira Hasan

Afira Hasan, an optometrist, stepped into her role as president of the Edina Morningside Rotary Club in July 2023.

“I was first introduced to Rotary when my husband, an ophthalmologist, was asked to perform a surgical eye procedure for a child from Kenya. I saw the ability of Rotary to connect people from Minnesota all the way across the world,” Hasan says.

Later, when she started her own business, Insight Vision Care, she wanted to connect with a community that understood that world.

“We are an organization known for its service, vocation and social activities,” she says.

The Edina Morningside Rotary club gives back to the community through service projects, including an annual hats and mittens drive, a bi-annual cleanup of a section of Highway 100 and a monthly donation to Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People, the largest food pantry in the Twin Cities.

Afira Hasan, Sonia Sahgal, Tillana Chakraborti, and Kelly Condit-Shrestha’s makeup done by Sal Rodriguez at Cos Bar Edina
Instagram: @winniehouston

Shelly Loberg’s hair done by Jill Bergerud
Instagram: @jillionaire_612

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