Corral the Craft Clutter with These Storage Solutions

by | Mar 2020

An organized craft room.

Photo: Style + Dwell

It’s no secret that kids’ (and adults’) craft supplies can be one of the trickiest things to keep contained. We’ve found some tried and true storage solutions to keep supplies accessible, but also easy to put away.

Supplies Storage
We absolutely love clear, acrylic jars for storing collage materials, scissors, markers and crayons. Unlike glass, they are unbreakable, lightweight and kid friendly. Half gallon plastic jars are large enough to hold full packs of bulk supplies.

Paper Storage
A simple and effective way to store craft paper is a corrugated paper sorter. It keeps all those beautiful colors visible, organized, and off the floor.

Craft Carts
If you don’t have a dedicated craft area, we often recommend using a rolling craft cart. These are compact and easy to store in empty closet space while still having everything you need all in one place. We love using clear totes to store materials right on the cart. Pack them full with a set of markers, crayons and scissors for an easy to grab solution. Simply roll the cart out when you need it, or grab the individual totes right off the cart right to your workspace.

Art Display
Show off your mini Monet’s work using a wire curtain rod with clips attached to the wall. It’s an excellent way to display artwork interchangeably without a lot of tape on the walls. Kids can swap out their latest masterpieces as often as they please.

Ashley McCarthy and Lindsay Cisewski are co-owners of Style and Dwell, an Edina based home organization business. 


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