Dehydrated? IV Hydration Therapy May Be the Solution

by | May 2019

An IV bag used for hydration therapy.


New business model provides access to hydration therapy.

Being dehydrated can quickly take a toll on your entire body and it can happen faster than you would expect, whether as a result of traveling, recovering from a cold or flu, having a disease that impacts your hydration levels and even from excess alcohol or vigorous exercise. And in this day and age, it’s become easier to access what might be the fastest way to completely replenish your body with fluids, vitamins and minerals. The intravenous delivery of fluids directly into a vein, known as IV therapy, was once something reserved for elite athletes and celebrities. But now, most anyone can access IV hydration therapy right here in Edina.

Since most people associate this type of treatment with a hospital, this Edina business, called Hydrate IV Therapy, aims to change people’s perceptions. The opening of this local business provides a convenient service for folks interested in this method of hydration. Hydrate IV Therapy focuses solely on combating the effects of dehydration through a combination of fluid and vitamin infusions.

Owner and CEO Brynn Ahrens started the business with her friends in 2015 after taking a wild trip to Las Vegas and seeing how many people attempted to combat the effects of over indulging in alcohol through treatment with IV fluids.

“We thought, ‘there is so much more you can do with this type of offering,’ because Vegas mostly advertises the ‘hangover’ portion of the business. With the help of our medical director, Richard Tholen M.D., we created protocols for more options than the standard ‘hangover bag,’ or ‘banana bag,’ as it’s called in the hospital,” Ahrens says.

We’re told the process is simple. Clients first make an appointment or even walk into the office. The medical staff evaluates the client and collects a medical history. Those who are dealing with kidney failure or congestive heart failure are unable to receive this kind of treatment. And although there are some side effects involved with hydration therapy, such as swelling or bruising at the injection site, this is said not to be a cause for alarm because the process and procedure is the same as what occurs in a hospital. There may be other risks associated with IVs, so it may be best to call to your doctor first before you begin any new medical treatments.

Once patients are deemed fit, they are offered the opportunity to relax in a reclining chair either in a private room or a lounge where they can talk to friends while the IV is placed in their arm for about 30 minutes. The one-liter fluid combination includes minerals, water-soluble vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants.

Advocates believe that nearly anyone can benefit from this kind of therapy. And the popularity of IV hydration has risen in recent years, as consumers are often eager to experiment with new ways to wellness.

“Our range of clients is what I feel makes us special. We see anyone and everyone who is suffering from the cumulative effects of dehydration,” Ahrens says.

Often, patients who are dehydrated will exhibit symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness, irritability, vision changes, rapid heartbeat and breathing. By the time they are finished receiving IV, many see an immediate reduction in their symptoms, according to Ahrens.

“It’s these symptoms that we can help with,” Ahrens says.

Edina business owners continue to innovate and seek to provide services that people value. We’re curious to see how common services like IV therapy will become as people continue to prioritize their health.

Hydrate IV Therapy
5047 France Ave. S.


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