Doogie McShank’s Is Par for the Pour

by | Mar 2024

Can of Doogie McShank’s.

Can of Doogie McShank’s. Photos: Chris Emeott

Golf-inspired canned cocktail blends flavor and fun.

Doug deGrood has a keen sense of humor. The veteran advertising agency executive also knows his way around the golf course. What better way to blend his talents than with the creation of Back Nine Beverages and the jewel in the company’s crown—a tongue-in-cheek line of ready-to-drink canned cocktails called Doogie McShank’s.

“I know golf, and I know country clubs. I thought the idea was something I could have fun with,” deGrood says. “I saw the white space and had some experience with the category from my ad agency days.”

Fun and humor are key ingredients in the brand. The McShank’s name is a play off a bad golf shot. Posters tacked on to trees off random fairways read, “Looks like you could use one of these.”

Doogie McShank’s Vodka Bootleg is patterned after a cocktail of the same name made famous in local country clubs. It is a mix of vodka, soda, natural lemon, lime and mint.

“I shared my homemade recipe with the people I was working with,” deGrood says. “We tried a few varieties before they came back with three formulas. One was the clear-cut winner.”

Doug deGrood serves up a perfect blend of personal style and spirits with his new beverage brand.

Doug deGrood serves up a perfect blend of personal style and spirits with his new beverage brand.

The Vodka Lemonade Tea is a companion piece. “Tee time meets tea time,” deGrood says. “There’s a vodka lemonade tea out there, but this one is a little more sophisticated.”

Both drinks feature premium vodka and are lightly carbonated, gluten free and have no artificial flavoring. The first Doogie McShank’s Vodka Bootleg was canned in October 2022. The first case was shipped that same year, and the first product sampling took place right before Thanksgiving. It’s sold in more than 80 liquor stores and featured at more than 30 golf courses, including Interlachen Country Club, Hazeltine National Golf Club and the Minikahda Club.

“We missed the ’22 golf season, but if it’s going to be successful, it has to be successful in liquor stores,” deGrood says.

Chandra Rivkin, assistant manager at the Edina Liquor Grandview store, says both Doogie McShank’s offerings have been popular. “We’ve done several in-store tastings with Doug and his partner,” Rivkin says. “We’ve had sell-outs, which is not always an easy feat.”

So far, it appears McShank’s swing at the ready-to-drink market has found the fairway.

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