Edina-owned Online Nutrition Company’s Help Can Be ‘Truly Life-changing’

by | Feb 2020

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Prescribe Nutrition is an entirely female-run online nutrition company that boasts the tools to help on your health journey.

Dealing with intolerances, following a special diet, curing chronic illnesses or simply trying to become healthier, Prescribe Nutrition boasts the tools to help on your health journey.

Prescribe Nutrition is an entirely female-run online nutrition company, started by two nutritionists Katie Jasper and Megan Morris in 2013. They saw a gap in the way nutrition was being handled and wanted to create a model that offered on-demand support and information that could fluctuate with a person’s specific lifestyle and dietary needs. Prescribe Nutrition offers virtual nutrition programs, meal planning and virtual health coaching.

Christina Sandok

Christina Sandok of Edina is the new owner of Prescribe Nutrition, although Jasper and Morris are still nutritionists on the Prescribe team. Sandok is ready to make changes to help the process function even smoother and offer more individualized health plans to the clients.

“… Our program participants say that our plans are approachable and work in the real world, not just in a theoretical ‘perfect’ world,” Sandok says.

Sandok got certified in Functional Nutrition in order to help others with health issues by changing something as simple as their diets.

“My mission is to help people feel amazing. Our goal is to shift the emphasis away from weight loss and instead focus on the long-term benefits of proper nutrition—higher energy levels, better sleep and increased life expectancy, to name a few,” Sandok says.

Prescribe Nutrition offers several programs and virtual health coaching to help individuals with their personalized nutritional path.

Sandok has simple go-to tips even the busiest of people can do every day, such as drinking a lot of water, eating healthy fats like olives, nuts and avocados and eliminating refined sugars. “The programs are agnostic as to trend, and instead focused on bringing people back to nutrient-dense food that our bodies need. Add to that the opportunity to partner with a virtual health coach for personalized support and a community to offer connection and motivation and the end results can be truly life-changing,” Sandok says.

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