An Edina Student’s Transition From Ski Hills to Mountain Slopes

Edina native Emma Crosby takes her snowboarding talents to Salt Lake City.

Edina High School graduate Emma Crosby had an incredible college freshman year. Not only did her snowboard team at Westminster College in Salt Lake City win the collegiate nationals, but Crosby won the women’s national championship and was also named an academic all-American.

According to Crosby, the best part of snowboarding in college is “being in the environment I always dreamed of being in.” Simply put, Utah has mountains, which means bigger jumps and longer runs. Crosby’s training consists of mountain trips as a team three times a week and with friends twice a week. During the off-season, Crosby snowboards watered-down turf slopes and does jumps off water ramps.

Now a sophomore, Crosby is an international business major, with film studies and French minors. She is considering studying abroad in New Zealand next fall in an area with an indoor snowboard dome facility.