Edina Teen Entrepreneurs Launch Bath Bomb Business “Da Bomb”

by | May 2018

Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Photo: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Co-owners of “Da Bomb” Caroline Bercaw and her sister Isabel, set a goal to not only create the best bath bombs they could but have more fun with them.

Everyone has childhood dreams. But few make their dreams come true before reaching adulthood. Edina based creators of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers have certainly made a splash.

“We were bored one summer, and we wanted to make bath bombs,” says Caroline Bercaw, co-owner of Da Bomb.

She and her sister, co-owner Isabel, created Da Bomb in 2012. Their goal was not only to create the best bath bombs they could but have more fun with them. Each one holds a little surprise inside—as well as having great scents, fun colors and clever names like Cherry Bomb and Cake Bomb.

The girls entered the Uptown Art Fair with 150 bath bombs—all handmade and high quality.

“We sold out on the first day,” Isabel says. “We had to make a bunch and sold out again the second day.”

Obviously, these weren’t your run-of-the-mill bath bombs, and they caught the attention of a salon owner followed quickly by further expansion. In what the sisters call an “accidental business,” they made it to the Atlanta Market when they were approached by Target.

“We were still in our basement making [bath] bombs,” says Isabel. “They asked if we could make enough for 1,800 stores.”

Not intimidated, the girls (with the help of their supportive parents) got a warehouse, hired a few people and set to work.

Now, the teens are about to release five new bath bombs—Unicorn, Tattoo, Mystery, Dragon and Fairy— in addition to their fan favorites. One product is even named Earth Bomb with proceeds benefitting charity. The girls also have hopes to go international within the next year. We don’t doubt their ability to skip those fizzers across the pond.


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