Ahh, fall – my favorite time of year! Wonderful colors, cooler and drier air, and apple picking—I just love it all! Then there’s “back to school” everything. The anticipation of new clothes, new teachers, new schools, and the hope of better grades. Such excitement.

Mold in the fridge can be a good thing for Liz Heinecke. This Edina mom has a M.S. in bacteriology and a keen eye for science, in and out of the kitchen. She’s created a cottage industry of making all things science more palatable to children.

Six high school seniors from Edina made time in their busy schedules to chat with us about, well, their busy schedules.

Every September, a group of teens heads to the South Metro Training Center in Edina to find out what it takes to become an Explorer. These teens and youth may be future law enforcement officers, business people, lawyers or soldiers, but for the time being, they’ll be Explorers.

Edina High School’s math team is on a roll. As the state high school math league approaches its 32nd year, head coach Alex Galt expects another successful season for Edina—and for good reason.

The Concord Elementary School garden adds sustainability, community growth, and environmental awareness to the school’s science curriculum.

Recent Edina High School graduate Hasna Ali has a self-awareness that far exceeds her age.

It’s just two shelves of books set up outside the office at a local apartment complex, but Edina’s littlest library is making a big difference in the lives of the families who use it.

It’s been said that experience is the best education, which is why so many college students complete internships as a part of their graduation practicum. It is less common, however, for high school students to take part in the internship tradition—let alone in the engineering industry.

Games are the key to providing a fun and successful learning environment at Mathnasium. Games that help to develop number sense and math concepts can help students overcome their math fears while having funs with friends and family.