Explore Edina

A New Visitors’ Bureau Will Spotlight Must-See Edina Destinations

Are you or your out-of-town guests looking for the best ways to experience Edina? Do you have business associates visiting or are you planning an event? Explore Edina is our community’s new visitors’ bureau, featuring a promotional website and a printed destination guide.

“Explore Edina is being built from the ground up,” says Shelly Loberg, marketing director. “Our intent is that by spring, we will be running marketing programs.”

This begins with pinpointing the community’s best assets. “We have the biggest variety of retail shopping. That will be the bread and butter of what we promote,” says Loberg.

The targeted demographic centers on a “high-end female audience in markets outside the Twin Cities,” says Loberg, such as Fargo, Sioux Falls, Des Moines and Winnipeg, as these are traditional feeder markets for Twin Cities tourism.

To enhance Edina’s image as a prime shopping destination, Explore Edina will also promote Minneapolis and St. Paul. It’s a helpful resource for residents or anyone orchestrating a special event. The website includes information about lodging and entertaining. “We have two great hotel properties, Westin Edina Galleria and Marriott Residence Inn, attached to Edinborough Park,” says Loberg. Other aspects of the city will be promoted like Edina’s green spaces and elegant dining.

Check out this great source of inspiration for you and your neighbors to plan the perfect way to spend a spring day in Edina.