Finding the Perfect Houseplant for Your Home

by | Apr 2023

Philodendron Illustration

Artist: Jamie Klang

When it comes to our indoor spaces, we paint walls, select furniture, hang art and add blankets and throw pillows to create the perfect environment. Interior design elements mirror our personality—and, not surprisingly, so do the plants we choose to incorporate into those spaces.

Indoor plants come in thousands of unique colors, shapes and sizes. You’ll notice some plants have leaves that look sleek and edgy while others look long, curvy and wild. Want to pick out some new plants for your home? Keep reading for some classic varieties.

The sculptural dracaena, with its upright growth and straight-edged leaves, is a fantastic option for modern rooms that need a plant with some height. It should be watered thoroughly every week and requires bright light.

The graceful and timeless spathiphyllum, or peace lily, has large, dark green leaves and pure white, long-blooming flowers. This bushy plant adds elegance to dark corners or the tops of accent tables. It prefers lower light and should be watered every few days.

Philodendron varieties such as “prince of orange” or “imperial red” have beautiful leaf colors, ranging from dark green and yellows to oranges and reds, on a bushy plant. Its large leaves contribute a pop of color to any room with a midcentury theme. Philodendrons prefer indirect light and being regularly watered.

If you’ve ever longed to grow a tree indoors, the sun-loving, iconic fiddle leaf fig, a ficus, is fantastic for some stately drama. This plant requires very bright light and thorough weekly waterings.
Matching a houseplant to reflect your own style can feel special and accomplish that final decorating touch that no coat of paint can achieve.

Contributed by Sarah Davis, general manager at Sunnyside Gardens, and Matt Holden, Sunnyside Gardens’ perennial captain. They both enjoy helping people find success with gardening.


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