Gear Up for Edina Football’s New Combine Event

by | Jul 2023

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Skill tests, training and football fun. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Edina Football Association is holding its first-ever combine event. Edina football players in grades 4th through 8th are invited to test their speed, agility, passing, catching and strength at the Edina Community Center’s turf field from 4–6 p.m. on August 6. 

We spoke with Edina Football Association board member Joe Grunnet to get all the details.

How long have you been on the Edina Football Association board?

This is my first year! I have always loved the game of football as it has done so much for my life from a youth. It’s one of many ways to give back to the youth as well as bond with my son, Will.

Your son is on the Edina Football team, correct?

Yes, 7th grade and quarterback.

For those who don’t know, what’s a “skill combine” event in football? 

Well, what it is not is The NFL combine. The Edina Football Association combine are stations designed to test the athletic and mental capabilities of youth football players as they join the Edina Football Association program.

We created it for three major reasons:

  1. As a recruiting tool to promote the Edina Youth Football Program.
  2. To allow coaches to pick teams ahead of the season instead of wasting three practices off the start.
  3. To have some football fun!

Prior to it, coaches had to hold workouts and practices early in the season and we felt it burned up too many practices.

Who should be registering? 

Grade 4th to 8th only but no experience is needed.

What should parents be aware of in terms of preparing their athlete for the event?

Shirt, shorts, spikes, water and a great attitude with a lot of effort!

Should parents expect to spectate at the event or drop their athlete off? 

Either works but we would love for them to stay.

What are your hopes for the event?

For the kids: [That] they all come in with great attitudes, listen, max effort and lean into the fun!

For the parents: Meet other football parents, ask questions and lean into this amazing sport!

Athletes will receive position-specific training from quarterback and wide receiver coaches from Quarterback Football Training and TNT Academy. Each player will also receive a personalized assessment report on their skills.

The football combine will be an open-house format, so after athletes complete their testing they are invited to stay for pick-up games with Edina varsity football players.

Registration is free for any athlete who is registered for the fall 2023 Edina Football season. If your athlete isn’t already registered, there is a $25 participation fee.

6–8 p.m. August 6. Edina Community Center, 5701 W. Frontage Road.;

Edina Football Association
Instagram: @edina_football
Facebook: Edina Football Association


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