Going Green

by | Apr 2021

Edina’s Green Business Recognition initiative  - Galleria Edina Exterior

Photo: Galleria Shopping Center

Local efforts promote a sustainable future.

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22, it seems fitting to show some appreciation for Edina’s Green Business Recognition initiative which implements plans to help the community reach a more environmentally sustainable future.

The initiative awards green businesses with gold, silver or bronze status based on efforts to improve energy efficiency, recycling, waste disposal and water conservation.

Participating businesses meet requirements by utilizing reusable products, LED lights and turning off electronics, says Michelle Horan, an Edina energy and environment commission member.

Each business [that] joins the Green Business program has the potential to make a big impact and help Edina move closer to its goals,” says Grace Hancock, Edina’s sustainability coordinator.

Some participating businesses include Wooden Hill Brewing, Gateway Bank, Grandview Tire & Auto, Starbucks 50th and France and Lush Cosmetics.

Edina’s Galleria Shopping Center received gold status through improvements like adding compost containers, implementing food recycling (a local farm uses the food waste) and installing energy efficient lighting, according to Galleria’s engineering manager Michael Olson. He says the sustainable improvements are providing positive results. 

Simple actions like recycling can help reduce landfill use and greenhouse gas emissions. Edina encourages sustainability in the community by making it accessible and easy. It sponsors 100 Home Energy Squad free assessments each year. Also, Horan notes that Edina recently started a curbside organics program to help reduce food waste at home. 

“Initial costs of implementing new programs may seem out of reach at times,” says Olson. “Over a period of time, making small, simple changes, will be just as impactful.”

Interested businesses can visit Edina’s Green Business site: edinamn.gov/834/Green-Business


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