Haute Dog Spa Keeps Your Pup Feeling Good and Looking Great

by | Nov 2018

Ashley Mailatyar and Sharon Nguyen, the founders of Haute Dog Spa

Ashley Mailatyar and Sharon Nguyen. Photos: Chris Emeott

At Haute Dog Spa each dog is treated as the special individual they are.

We pamper ourselves, so why not do the same for your favorite four-legged friends. At Haute Dog Spa each dog is treated as the special individual they are.

As passionate dog lovers and owners themselves, Ashley Mailatyar and Sharon Nguyen were able to combine their love for animals with their backgrounds in hospitality, grooming and dog training to cultivate a true experience.

“For us it is all about dogs,” Mailatyar says. “We feel like there was a bit of a void in the industry and we wanted to modernize it.”

Offering full-care cleaning, grooming and pampering service options from trained stylists, these pomchi and golden retriever owners ensure only the finest for all dogs and their friends.

Convenience was a major factor in the development of this spa. Located at Centennial Lakes Plaza just steps away from the Edina Promenade, it is a great place for the dogs to get their exercise, receive service, rehydrate and delve into some tasty treats, which are available during spa hours for everyone.

“We want to make the dogs feel good, smell good and be ready for a nice walk around the Promenade,” Nguyen says.

Haute Dog Spa

With full access to service and leisure, Haute Dog Spa strives to provide your dog with a reviving experience that will maintain their general well-being. There are add-on amenities such as teeth brushing, de-shedding, de-matting and their own exclusive line of quality dog-friendly beauty products.

Their product line, Natural North, features all-natural oatmeal and aloe shampoos, moisturizing conditioners and daily spritz colognes safe and healthy for dogs to use. Customers have access to products that are good for their pets and further benefit a greater cause as a portion of the proceeds go toward animal rescue operations.

With a goal of being transparent with their customers, Haute Dog offers five-minute consultations with a stylist prior to service at each visit in order to ensure the greatest care for the creatures.

Though the menu will provide the same services year-round, Haute Dog Spa plans to offer a variety of discounted packages featuring seasonal products and amenities pertaining to the holidays and of course, the dreaded wet seasons.

Haute Dog Spa
Centennial Lakes Plaza
7459 France Ave. S., Edina, MN, 55435
Facebook: Haute Dog Spa
Instagram: @hautedogspa


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