Health & Wellness

Founders Alexis and Leah

Teletherapy Practice Orka Health and Wellness Launches in Edina. Orka Health and Wellness gives people the energy to live their best lives.

Enjoy the outdoors by creating the excursion of your dreams.

Women's hands forming a heart

Since this is the Best of Edina issue, I wanted to explore a health topic which I’m very passionate about, which can help unlock a person’s best health: lifestyle medicine.

For most people, bike rides, swims and jogs are activities for separate days, maybe even weeks. For triathletes like Henry Jessen, it’s all in a day’s work. 

Paris, a 6-year-old Papillon dog, can process voice commands in the time it takes Edina’s Wayne Carlson to deliver them.

Digging into Gardening

Gardening is a way of beautifying our yards and the surrounding community. However, what is often overlooked are the benefits that come with it beyond the pretty foliage and blooms.

runner up: wildlife & nature

Martin Freeman, an amateur wildlife photographer, captured this photo in Arden Park on the edge of Minnehaha Creek, in a patch of formerly untouched woods that was a haven for birds.

Prose Nails

At the intersection of wellness and beauty is the newest addition to Nolan Mains, Prose Nails. Opting for cleaner alternatives to nail care and beauty practices, this Phoenix-based salon prides itself in using all-natural, vegan and toxin-free products.

The Joy of Hitting the Trails

One of the first signs of spring is ... bikes!

putting on ice skates

This fall, I got my ice skates sharpened, then put them in the trunk of my vehicle, where they’ll stay for the entirety of the winter season. I like to have my skates always at the ready, just in case I want to stop at a local ice rink on the way home.