From High School Writer to Published Author

by | Nov 2018

Author Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Photo: Caitlin Hamilton Summie

Caitlin Hamilton Summie published To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts in 2017.

Rewind back to the year 1986. This was when Edina native Caitlin Hamilton Summie walked across Edina High School’s graduation stage, and later studied Middle Eastern history in Massachusetts. However, before graduating high school, Summie took a specialized creative writing class and was editor at Images, the Edina High School’s literary magazine. With a passion for writing, Summie knew she had always been meant to write.

Fast-forward to 2018. Now living in Tennessee, Summie runs her own book marketing and publicity firm and is a published author. To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts, published in 2017, is Summie’s first published book, a work 25 years in the making. Containing 10 short stories, Summie takes readers from World War II Kansas City to New York to the Twin Cities, while examining the importance of family.

“What drives me is stories of families,” Summie says. “By people finding a way through the awkward, messy day-to-day lives.”

Summie’s personal story doesn’t end there. She is currently writing a companion novel for three of the stories found in To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts. “I just keep going as time allows,” Summie says. “I’ll write late at night or if I get a half-hour throughout the day. Whenever I can.”


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