Ice Skating: A Joyful Way to Stay Active

by | Feb 2022

More than 12 ice rinks are open around Edina this winter

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More than 12 ice rinks are open around Edina this winter.

This fall, I got my ice skates sharpened, then put them in the trunk of my vehicle, where they’ll stay for the entirety of the winter season. I like to have my skates always at the ready, just in case I want to stop at a local ice rink on the way home.

Ice skating is an activity I’ve found that not only gets me moving but lifts my spirits during the bleak mid-winter. I am by no means a great skater—but getting out on the ice still brings me an inordinate amount of joy. There’s something about sliding over the ice, picking up speed as you go, your cheeks getting rosy with the cold while the rest of your body warms up from the exertion. Ice skating has become a favorite winter activity—something I enjoy doing solo and spontaneously on my way home from running errands or as a planned outing with a group of friends.

If you want to incorporate ice skating into your winter routine, there are 12 neighborhood parks that have both hockey and pleasure rinks, warming houses and restrooms. You can also go skating along the 10 acres of ice at Centennial Lakes Park or skate at the indoor rink at Braemar Arena, for a fee.

Open rink hours and locations vary. Visit for city-run rink locations, hours and offerings. For updates on Centennial Lakes Park, visit, and visit for open skating times at the Braemer Arena indoor rink.

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