As the Kids Go Back to School, Start Planning Your Family Vacation Now

by | Sep 2019

A family enjoys a sunset on the beach on their family vacation.

Photo: Mark Murray

Back to school puts vacation planning front and center.

Whether it’s the school website or a calendar dug out of that new backpack, you now have the dates to put all those vacation ideas into action. This year, let’s graduate from the reflex of starting with either “hot” or “cold” in terms of a destination and consider a new lesson plan.

Be serious about having fun. Block out the dates at work and plan to be fully present while on vacation. According to the U.S. Travel Association, parental work stress has a significant effect on children, with six in 10 kids reporting feeling upset when their parents prioritize work over family time. Don’t be part of the problem.

Grandparents want in on the action. Each family is different, but today’s boomers are active, healthy and looking to spend time with their loved ones. According to the 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report, multigenerational travel is this year’s top vacation trend. Additional studies report that children like to travel with their grandparents.

Get the children involved. Include them in the decision-making process, including itinerary planning and brainstorming activities. You may be surprised how their curiosity leads to booking educational activities.

Imagine that one seminal moment. It could be a family bonfire, a large dining table in a beautiful home or reaching a grand plateau as a family. Picture it in your mind and you’ll be that much closer to creating a memory for years to come.

Follow these initial vacation planning steps and you’re on your way to not only a great destination but also a trip full of memories for years to come. Most importantly, you’ll realize it’s not “where” it’s “why,” and the answer is because we’re family.

Mark Murray is a travel advisor at Newmark Travel, an Edina based affiliate of Pique Travel and member of the Virtuoso Travel Network.


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