Local Beauty Expert Shares Spring Trends and Tips

by | Apr 2019

Beauty styling tools from Paul Felipe


How to personalize spring beauty trends.

This spring I will celebrate 35 incredible years in the beauty industry. I share that because I’ve been watching seasonal trends for that many years. There is quite a bit of collaboration between clothing designers and the hair and makeup artists involved in creating the looks for a particular season. I’ve realized, in all my years of experience, that each artist—clothing designer, hair/makeup artist—creates a look based on their specific interpretation of a trend. Many of these looks are similar, yet still very different, and it’s most likely a reinvention of something from the past with a modern twist. You can bring interpretations of your favorite beauty trends to reality through consultation, customization, creation and education with your stylist.

Consult. Have a dialogue with your stylist. Let them fill you in on the latest, discuss your lifestyle and time commitment, address concerns, what’s currently working and what’s not. Most importantly what’s a realistic outcome.

Customize. Your stylist should be able to help you break down current trends and adapt them to you as an individual.

Create. Be it the perfect haircut and/or color, your stylist should make it as individual as you are!

Educate. Ask questions and even record your styling/finishing session on your phone. Ask about the best styling and finishing products to use at home.

As for spring trends, here’s a teaser in “social media” speak of a few things you’ll see this season: #hairaccessories #androgyny #babybangs #sleekponytails #neonhaircolor #hazysmokeyeyes #modernredlips #ninetiesbob #texturedcoolgirlbobs

Remember, a trend is all about adaptability and individuality.

Paul Felipe is a stylist at Sloane’s Beauty Bar in Edina.


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