Make the Most Out of Maximalism

by | Mar 2024

Lean in to the eclectic. Furniture and even decor are "meaningful, vintage or unique," says Carrie Ellington of Ellington & Co.

Lean in to the eclectic. Furniture and even décor are “meaningful, vintage or unique,” says Carrie Ellington of Ellington & Co. Photo: Ellington & Co. Design

Design experts say big statements are in.

Whether you’re planning a dream build or looking to improve a beloved forever home, 2024 brings new décor elements to the forefront. Consider some of these trends for your home, whether you’re working with something new or just trying to spruce up a familiar place.

Design With Intention

Builders and designers have the unique opportunity to mesh widespread trends with personal touches, making any space feel both contemporary and unique.

“Build the spaces that you really will use,” says Rebecca Remick, owner and builder of City Homes. She encourages people to be more intentional when building a new home and keep size, materials and amenities in mind.

“A huge trend is going more sustainable and green,” Remick says. She says people are choosing geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, spray foam insulation, triple pane windows and smart appliances.

She’s also noticing that large sport courts are out, and more space-efficient and flexible options, like golf simulators, are in. “A golf simulator can continue to be used throughout the cycles of your family life,” she says. A golf simulator isn’t just for golf. Different games can be played on it, and it can also be used as a home theater.

Make a Statement

When it comes to interior design, Remick is seeing an influx in statement pieces. Range hoods are one place to get creative. “They’re a very prominent piece, so it’s an easy way to make a statement,” she says. “A more traditional option is wood with a lot of detail. If you’re going more modern, it’s going to be metal or copper, and it’s going to have very straight, defined lines and not a lot of detail.”

No matter what statement you’re trying to make, Remick says an important part of her job is making clients’ ideas come to life. “I always want to make sure when somebody shares their ideas, that they are heard,” she says. “I’m still going to give my advice, but they’re really in the driver’s seat, and if they have an inspiration, we want to make that come to life.”

Minimalism is Minimizing

If you’re working with an existing space or just looking to spice up an area of your home with a trendy detail, Carrie Ellington of Ellington & Co. Design has some ideas. “The super-minimalist look is fading, and we’re a little more eclectic now, and we’re seeing a few more interesting pieces that you’re adding to your space that are meaningful, vintage or unique,” Ellington says.

Those unique pieces allow homeowners to indulge their sense of creativity. “Mixing modern with traditional. That blend really works,” she says. For example, a more modern and simple mirror can be placed above a vintage entry console to add dimensional interest.

Geometrical Designs

Ellington says tile is one obvious way to get geometric with a backsplash or floor. But there are many ways to add some geometry to your spaces without an overhaul. “Pillows, little stools, ottomans. It could even be drapery panels, or it could be on chairs, honestly. There are a lot of different scales for geometrics—rugs, too,” she says.

The Sitting Room created a unique tile backsplash to incorporate geometrical design into this kitchen built by City Homes.

The Sitting Room created a unique tile backsplash to incorporate geometrical design into this kitchen built by City Homes. Photo: City Homes

Whatever your home size or budget, these are some simple ways to update your décor and introduce a contemporary pattern.

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