Bring the Outdoors in With a Terrarium

by | Mar 2024

An assortment of succulent plants.

Photo: Maire Katyal

Warm days are around the corner, and many of us crave instant happy gratification. Sunny destinations of spring break aside, ignore any snow remaining on your lawn and bring the springtime indoors.

Add a punch of fresh green life with a plant accent in the bathroom, kitchen or dining table. You will find forced tulips and daffodils even at your local grocery store, but the flowers are fleeting.

Terrariums can be dried or self sustaining. Make your own with grandma’s old punch cups and vases covered with a glass plate, or go modern with hanging teardrop styles. Mix and match, and move them around the house without a worry. Create a cluster or solitaire to draw the eye. Moss, sedum and tougher, more forgiving plants are the way to go.

Look for friends splitting their spider plants and monsteras. Ferns and snake plants are good for adding oxygen, and eucalyptus and mint add a fresh aroma and keep bugs away.

Tiptoe through your local nursery’s indoor section and garden club sales to see what is best for your indoor creativity. Couple that with a fun colored pot, or keep a neutral pot and change out color with a themed ribbon or fabric, depending on the season.

These cheery solutions will tide you over until the days we can finally go outside to warmer weather. Another bonus of indoor greenery—a respite from weeding, ragweed allergies and mosquitoes.

Maire Katyal is co-president of the Normandale Garden Club, part of the Edina Garden Council. Grow more at


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