Mom’s Favorite Eats

It's easy to find her favorites at Edina restaurants.
Pete, left, and Will Rundquist enjoy some fish tacos with their mom, Kate, at Edina Grill.

Make mom’s day with a night out. You don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day. She deserves it anytime. With so many fantastic choices here in Edina, the only difficult part is deciding where to go.


Edina Grill
Light and luscious, the fish tacos have real mom appeal. Blackened tilapia fish chunks, earthy black beans, Napa cabbage slices and corn salsa nestle in three soft flour tortillas. Chili-lime sour cream and guacamole dress up the tacos with feathery cilantro as a finish. “Everything in there is fresh and healthy,” says Liz Berquist, general manager. For a beverage, Mom might enjoy a ginger peach cosmo, a fruity spirited concoction with a double shot of peach from schnapps and vodka. The handy 50th & France location, comfortable surroundings and kid-friendly extras make the Edina Grill a great place for Mom, according to Berquist. On Mother’s Day, look for a special tribute brunch served family-style. Fish tacos $14.25, ginger peach cosmo $8.50.
5028 France Ave. S.; 952.927.7933


Big Bowl
Minnesotans like their chicken. Deep-fry the meat until it turns golden-crisp and dress it up with a traditional Chinese sauce and veggies—now you’re talking comfort food with an Asian accent. The fresh sweet-and-sour citrus sauce is the secret, with its whisper of ginger spice and fresh-squeezed lemons and house-made candied orange peel that pack a punch. The sauce involves some fuss to prepare. “We call it a labor of love dish,” says Pam Wubben, general manager. Julienned red peppers and scallions add a snappy contrast of color, and a big snowball fluff of jasmine white rice anchors the dish. Moms can relax in this family-friendly restaurant where kids get their own special rubber-banded chopsticks and a crayon set. A gluten-free version of the dish is also available. $13.95.
3669 Galleria; 952.928.7888


Mozza Mia
Moms love dining at Mozza Mia almost as much as their kids do. Here, children get pizza dough to play with while Mom can enjoy her meal. The caprese salad tops mom’s list. Eye-catching layers of snow-white mozzarella (made daily), fresh green basil leaves, and bright red and yellow tomato slices make a salad that’s equally good-looking and good-tasting. “I think it’s the best you can get in the Twin Cities,” says Heather Swan, general manager. A drizzle of Sicilian olive oil and a dash of sea salt awaken the tomatoes’ fruity essence. Leave off the grilled garlic crostini bread for a gluten-free salad. $11.
3910 W. 50th St.; 952.288.2882

(Layers of creamy mozzerella, made fresh daily, are tucked between tomatoes and basil in the caprese salad at Mozza Mia; Photo by Tate Carlson)


Q. Cumbers

Among the dozens of dishes along the 50-foot salad bar, you may find the ever-popular cranberry wild rice salad, a beloved native-seed salad that knows no season. Any time of year, moms like the seemingly endless variety Q. Cumbers offers to the whole family. Monday nights have a special appeal for families because kids eat for .99 cents. “It’s really popular. We’ve been doing it since the day we opened 25 years ago,” says co-owner Mickey McCabe. A nice view of Centennial Lakes Park and comfortable atmosphere add to the appeal. And kids don’t have to sit still for the whole meal. “People are up walking around and don’t have to stay seated,” says McCabe. Adult buffet: $11.50 lunch, $13.25 dinner (senior discount available).
7465 France Ave. S.; 952.831.0235


For lunch, moms can take a break from shopping at the Galleria and rejuvenate with a healthy salad. The grilled chicken salad has all the right stuff. Mixed field greens, candied walnuts and goat cheese crumbles are topped with a tangy-sweet housemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing. “The grilled chicken salad has a fresh and light feel to itC,” says Evan Freeberg, executive chef. As an entrée-sized salad, the grilled chicken is a long-standing menu favorite and a signature dish at Crave. According to Freeberg, it’s not just the food that moms appreciate, but the great attentive service and atmosphere. On Mother’s Day, Crave rolls out the red carpet with a grand buffet (only offered two times a year); call ahead for reservations. Salad $13.95.
Galleria, 3520 W. 70th St.; 952.697.6000


Convention Grill
Moms know it’s possible to eat light at the Convention Grill. Opt for the leafy Caesar salad with hard-boiled egg, fresh tomato and Parmesan cheese. Sneak a nibble of fries and a sip of shake from the rest of your family’s order. This is a place where diners share and share alike; portions are big enough for the whole family. Kick back in a comfy booth or chair and relax around a table covered in a cheerful red-and-white checked cloth. The old-time atmosphere is part of the fun: the Convention Grill has been a night-out spot for moms and families since 1934. “Some of the mothers you see have been coming here since they were girls,” says John Rimarcik, owner. He says sometimes the kids offer to pay for the meal or part of the meal (whatever
they can cover) and treat mom. And it’s a great place for family photos, with a vintage diner backdrop straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. $7.95, half-sized $5.95.
3912 Sunnyside Rd.; 952.920.6881


D’Amico and Sons
As the special feature for the month of May, the spring risotto has a befittingly refreshing taste. Made fresh to order with a garden of spring vegetables, the risotto is sure to please with asparagus, green peas, baby spinach and chives topped with oven-roasted oyster mushrooms, The relatively simple dish has a “clean flavor profile,” says Jim Weides, executive chef. “It’s so super springy… All that beautiful ‘greeny’ spring stuff was kind of the inspiration.” Vegetable stock is used rather than chicken stock. The light flavor is vegetarian with some dairy. While Grana Padano cheese and little bit of butter finish the dish, both “could easily be left out,” says Weides. Go completely vegan if you like. The elegant spring dish is just the thing for mom. Plus, D’Amico has a full Italian menu of family favorites that come to your table in a snap. “I think Moms appreciate our fast casual concept,” says Weides. Remember, Mom eats free on Mother’s Day. $13.99, family sized for 4-6 $38.95.
3948 West 50th St.; 952.926.1187