‘The Next Level’: Balance Your Body and Mind at ELVTD MVMT Yoga Studio

by | Apr 2020

Jessie Syfko Ruof of ELVTD MVMT

Jessie Syfko Ruof of ELVTD MVMT. Photos: Chris Emeott

Boutique-yoga studio seeks to elevate daily living.

Boutique-yoga fusion studio ELVTD MVMT: Life Laboratory, is structured equally around personal and physical development to help members find purpose, passion and confidence to accomplish their goals. As a healing space, the company strives to optimize energy to help people enhance athletic performance and well-being through a mind-body balance.

“It [Elvtd Mvmt] was designed as a way to elevate life,” founder Jessie Syfko Ruof says. “It is not just the next level, but it is helping people to be able to enhance and expand their way of looking at the world of treating themselves and connecting themselves with other people.”

Woman Practicing Yoga

Creating connections through dialogue and movement, the studio ignites spiritual, emotional and physical change in members’ day-to-day lives.

“This is where you can come to experiment, to play with it and leave knowing what you are capable of doing,” Syfko says.

Located in the same facility as F45 Training, Syfko says having the two types of fitness services in one space allows for a better dynamic for an individual’s ever-changing body functions, because “different days call for different types of training,” she explains.

“It is the balance of yin yang in one space,” she says. “You can go from super peaceful, restored and calm to an ambitious, independent go-getter.”

As F45 focuses on the physicality of an athlete, ELVTD MVMT has an approach that unites mindset with movement.

Offering a variety of classes from slow-flow to peak intensity, each class has its own one-of-a-kind configurations combining meditation, technique and philosophy.

To create an inviting, yet intimate community, each class has a maximum of 10 members to enhance the personalized experience between active members and instructors.

Syfko hopes to continue solidifying the member community to build personalized experiences in the studio and eventually expand to larger workshop events. In addition, ELVTD MVMT is looking to develop an online membership to create the same inviting community for those that might not otherwise have access to the same resources.

“Intention is not enough to make change. Intention has to be put into action,” Syfko says. “Movement in the body creates movement in life.”


Class Breakdown

  • Exhale Restore: Combining meditation and breath-guided movement, this restorative-based class increases flexibility and leaves you feeling at ease.
  • Inhale flow: This invigorating style of flow-based yoga practice focuses on breathing patterns and dynamic movement to detox and challenge your body’s core.
  • Elvtd Athlete: To improve the body’s performance, this class focuses on movement quality in order to heal imbalanced muscles and increase the metabolism. Comparable to a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, it allows you to train like an athlete.
  • Elvtd Mvmt: Where the yogi athlete can thrive, this high-intensity signature class is a fusion of all classes. Building strength and stamina in a healthy way, it combines the power of yoga with strength training, cardio and meditation.
  • Elvtd Living: This workshop-style class merges mindfulness philosophy, leadership development and well-being education to create an engaged community that strives to implement healthy lifelong practices and personal growth. It is a place for personal development and life coaching.

5125 Edina Industrial Blvd. Suite 300
Facebook: ELVTD MVMT
Instagram: @elvtdmvmt


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