Niko Niko Boba: Something New To Sip

by | Mar 2024

Tiger Latte and Oreo Cookie Crunch

Tiger Latte and Oreo Cookie Crunch. Photos: Niko Niko Boba

Locally owned Niko Niko Boba makes sippable treats for all to enjoy.

A sip of a tasty drink or bite of a sweet treat has the power to make us smile, giggle, even do a little dance. At Niko Niko Boba in Southdale Center, that joy is exactly what they’re after. Cindy Quan, Niko Niko Boba’s operations manager, says, “It’s a dessert, but also a drink. Tiny little treats that you can sip and eat. How fun is that?”

Including Edina, there are nine locations across the state, and two more coming soon. The stores were formerly Chatime franchises, but Niko Niko owners Jonathan Chong and Yenni Chen have recently taken these stores independent, creating a fresh locally owned boba empire in the Twin Cities. Niko Niko’s signature bright colors and cute branding are undeniable and recognizable. Quan says, “We love how this new brand reflects the happiness we feel at doing what we love and sharing that spirit of fun with others.”

Chong, Chen and Quan have worked together since starting with Chatime in 2012, and are excited that the independent landscape offers more creative freedom. “Something cool happened along the way,” Quan says. “We found that we are very good at crafting one-of-a-kind recipes that are uniquely ours here in Minnesota, and this transition allows our team the freedom to create and explore all aspects of a boba brand.”

Boba is not just a sweet treat, it’s an expressive endeavor. What’s on the menu can be adjusted and riffed on to the customer’s taste. But it helps to start with something unique. Two specialty Niko Niko drinks have quickly become customer favorites. One is the Mango Dragon Sweet Cream: a pairing of mango, dragon fruit, jasmine green tea and topped off with sweet cream. If you’re in the mood for a milk tea, Niko Niko’s Biscoff Cookie Crunch is made of black milk tea shaken with Biscoff cookie sauce and topped off with sweet cream and cookie crumbles.

Tiger Latte, Strawberry Green Tea, Oreo Cookie Crunch

Tiger Latte, Strawberry Green Tea, Oreo Cookie Crunch

After more than a decade in the boba business, Niko Niko has its system down to a tea, and despite the new name and rebranding, its mission and service remains the same. “It’s always been about working closely together as a tight-knit team, dreaming up these unique flavors and pouring our hearts into crafting boba drinks that our community can enjoy,” Quan says. “We’re still doing what we’ve always done— just now under our very own name.”

Quan says this is just the beginning. “More recipes, unique store experiences, exciting partnerships with other local businesses—it’s all on the horizon. The thrill of exploring these new possibilities is what excites us the most,” she says. “It’s more than just the aesthetics—it’s the connections we make. Whenever we share our story with folks, their reactions are incredible. They’re genuinely surprised and excited for us.”

Niko Niko Boba
10 Southdale Center Suite 1900; 651.478.4375
Facebook: Niko Niko Boba
Instagram: @nikonikoboba


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