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by | Jul 2020

An illustration of a cat and dog.

Illustration: Courtney Nielsen

Ann Platt from readers’ choice finalist Pets are Inn shares some brain-teaser tricks to keep your canines calm even after their vacay.

Pets are Inn isn’t your average pet boarding facility. “Some people refer to us as a match dot com, but for pets,” owner Ann Platt says with a laugh. “We place pets in private homes. We interview the owner to find out as much as we can about the pet, and then match with an appropriate home for it to stay in.”

Not only is this cage-free alternative more appealing to pet parents, it benefits the four-legged family members as well. “It’s less stressful for the pet,” says Platt. “I have clients that say they’re amazed at how, when their pet comes home, it’s so relaxed.”

Platt explains that at some kennels, they’ll board over a hundred dogs. “So how much attention are they getting? With us, they’re in a home, they are getting the individualized attention, and the home has been selected specifically for that pet.”

So, how can you take that calm vacation mindset home with you after picking up your pooch? It goes without saying a well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog notes Platt, but there’s another dimension to consider.

“Mental stimulus can be just as tiring as the physical,” says Platt. “If you have a really rambunctious dog, teach them tricks to stimulate the brain as well.” This can start as simply as the tried and true; sit, stay and shake.

If your dog’s quick on the uptake, it may be time to get a little more elaborate. Platt recommends letting your dog watch you place a treat under a cup. Once your pup gets the hang of knocking over the cup to get the goodie, switch it up on them, and introduce one or two empty cups to the mix.

First-time Pet Boarder Checklist:

Bedding from home
There’s nothing more comfortable than falling asleep in your own bed! Turns out pets feel the same way.

Food and treats
Consistency is comforting. Not only is it good to keep your pet’s diet the same while you’re away, but those extra snacks will be a nice reminder of home.

Your pet is sure to have a few play-time favorites.

Platt recommends sorting your pet’s medicine into a weekly pill organizer to ensure they’re kept on track.

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