Pumpkin Spice Pastries Arrive at Patisserie Margo

Pumpkin Spice Season Starts October 1 at Patisserie Margo

Patisserie Margo has all things pumpkin spice. Pumpkin tarts, pumpkin macarons, pumpkin craisin muffins, pumpkin and vanilla swirl cheesecake and pumpkin cookies with maple icing. “A lot of times it’s just the spices and not the pumpkin,” says owner Margo Bredeson, “but we have both.”

Pumpkin spice generally refers to a combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and clove. At Patisserie Margo, they add real pumpkin to the list. 

“Our favorite hands-down are the pumpkin cookies with maple icing,” Bredeson says. Regulars get into the pumpkin spice spirit long before October. “They start asking around September,” Bredeson says. At Patisserie Margo the pumpkin spice season starts promptly October 1. If you wish to enjoy the flavor all year long, Bredeson recommends you try their housemade chai, made with spices they roast and grind onsite.