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Edina Magazine November 2021

Food! As nourishment, as a communal experience and as a celebration … when done right, food feeds more than our bodies. It can feed our love of community and our appreciation for artistry and serve as an economic engine for our agriculture and hospitality industries. For example, in this food-themed issue, we explore a bit of Minnesota’s impressive turkey farming—how much turkey do Americans actually eat and how exactly does it make its way to our dining tables? We’re “talking turkey” on page 20.

We also go behind the scenes of Edina’s newest eatery, Mr. Paul’s Supper Club, in my interview with chef Tommy Begnaud. He spills all the Cajun beans about how he got into the industry and what inspired him to pursue his passion for a New Orleans style supper club right here in Edina. It’s the risk-takers and deal-makers that bring us all the great dining spots around town, and Mr. Paul’s is no exception. In fact, it raises the bar as a destination meant to be a celebration of everything that makes going out to eat fun and memorable. You’ll be talking about Mr. Paul’s, the food you ate and the fun you had, and you’ll be heading back there over and over again, because it’s created to give diners a different experience each and every time.

Food is also a way for people to show they care, and as always in Edina, residents are constantly dreaming up new ways to care for others. In our Tastemakers feature on page 44, you’ll read about a nonprofit geared specifically toward sharing meals with those who could use a little pick-me-up.

So dig in to this terrific issue, savor the local stories and relish knowing that you live in such a vibrant community where good food and good people are all around.

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