Redesigned Braemar Golf Course Set to Reopen This Spring

by | Apr 2019

Members of the Women's Golf League at Braemar Golf Course

Pacy Erck, Judy Krzyzek and Sandy Nelson. Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Bringing golf back into the mainstream.

This spring, 18-hole golf returns to Edina as Braemar Golf Course is set to reopen with a redesigned course, as well as new and improved league offerings. When planning began, Braemar didn’t mess around. They brought in noted golf course architect, Richard Mandell, with the goal of bringing back the family golf course for everyone. The Braemar Golf Association Board knew it needed to balance the opportunity for regulation play with a challenging course that is approachable yet viable for everyone to play successfully, whether you are a novice or an experienced golfer.

A new course brings with it a new approach to women’s golf leagues. From streamlining the signup process to consolidating the fee structure, all changes are intended to make the women’s golf leagues more approachable. With just one fee to join the women’s club, each player will be able to opt-in to any of six leagues based on which best fit their schedule and interests. The goal is to encourage more golfers to try their hand at league play. With a 17-week-long league season that runs from the first week of June through the last week of September, each member is encouraged to participate a minimum of eight weeks. The Player’s Card will greatly reduce green fees and add value to non-residents who want to take advantage of this conveniently located and stunning course.

Mondays and Fridays will be reserved for corporate play to aid in keeping fees low.

Pacy Erck worked at Braemar when its doors originally opened in 1964 and remains an active member of the Braemar Golf Association Board. She is excited about the changes to the course and knows the more approachable design will appeal to golfers of varying experience levels, as well as those looking to give the sport a try. “It’s a course that allows each golfer to strategize how best to play to his or her strengths. Each hole can be played differently,” says Erck. Other changes to get excited about include a lengthened driving range and the nine-hole executive course which opened in 2018. “Hole 13 is sure to be a favorite. It offers a fun challenge as golfers try to hit the green and with beauty and height, it provides some pretty amazing views as well,” Erck says.

Kathy Hering joined the 18-hole women’s league in 1975. She was an elementary teacher in Hopkins with summers free to spend on the links. At the time, sponsorship was required to get on a waitlist to join the club. It was a popular league and competitive, too. “I loved my years of playing golf at Braemar. I formed great friendships with those who could mentor me in the game, as well as those who wanted to learn from my experience,” Hering says. As the women’s leagues evolve, the goal is to make the process less formal to join, ultimately encouraging more participation. Braemar wants its golf course to be a place anyone can play and play well, regardless of experience level or familiarity with the course. “We’re bringing back the family golf course,” Erck says.

Get Equipped

For those new to the game of golf or visiting from out of town, the Pro Shop has everything you need to play your best game yet. From club and ball rentals to carts for a leisurely afternoon outing, Braemar makes it easy to enjoy your time on the green.

Golf Genius software will be implemened to streamline the signup process. From joining a league to booking a tee time, golfers will be able to schedule and manage their Braemar experience online. For more information about Braemar Golf Course, to sign up for a tee time and a full breakdown of fees, visit the Braemar Golf Course website.


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