Selling Your Home Next Spring? Start Preparing Now

by | Aug 2019

A home prepared for a spring home sale.


The spring real estate market kicks off Monday after the Super Bowl, when Minnesota boasts frigid temperatures and a healthy dose of winter slop. If a spring sale is on your radar, don’t forfeit any opportunity to market your home to its highest potential. Start your preparation now.

Find a Realtor
A team of professionals you trust can develop a plan to net you the most money for your home. Devising your marketing strategy early allows more time to put the pieces in motion—from photography and video to decluttering, staging and beyond.

Time for photos
Images of homes without leaves, grass and flowers lack a certain luster. Photograph amenities like patios, decks and landscaping before conditions take a seasonal turn. For best results, hire a professional photographer.

Tackle the exterior
Once temperatures drop below 50 degrees, your ability to touch up things such as chipped or peeling paint become slim. The exterior of your home is a buyer’s first impression. Tackle needed exterior maintenance before the opportunity eludes you.

Consider a pre-listing inspection
Issues discovered during a potential home buyer’s inspection can run the risk of a deal falling apart. Don’t lose valuable market time making spring repairs. Hire an inspector to perform a preliminary inspection of your home. Starting this process gives you ample time to make repairs that could otherwise deter buyers. Talk with your Realtor to determine if this is the right strategy for you.

Sarah Schaffer is an Edina-based realtor with Fox Homes.


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