Snow Tracks

by | Jan 2015

Don’t let winter weather keep you from running outdoors.

Even in the coldest temperatures, running outside doesn’t have to slow down if you’re prepared. “It’s all about the windproof outer shell and high-tech, lighter-weight fabrics,” says Paul Horan, Gear Running Store owner. Start with a basic shell, pants and tights from brands like Craft of Sweden and Sugoi. As temperatures drop, add a thermal or half-zip pullover. Adding wind-stop protection is a must if it’s below zero. “With quality pieces, you shouldn’t need more than two layers, even in the extreme cold,” Horan says. Protect your feet, head and hands, which lose the most heat, with wind-stop or SmartWool items. You can wear your existing running shoes throughout the season with wool socks or switch to trail shoes for increased traction.


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