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by | Oct 2021

Chalkboard Candle Co. coconut wax candles and melts

Photo: Chalkboard Candle Co.

Local candle company encourages teachers with gifts funded by nostalgic candles.

After burning hundreds of candles in her own home, veteran teacher Kari Miller-Palmborg decided to combine her desire to create natural, pure scented candles with her passion for bringing awareness to the work that teachers do for future generations. Using memories as a former student and teacher as the source of her inspiration, Chalkboard Candle Co. is home to 14 school-themed coconut wax candles and melts. With scents like “Detention,” “Field Trip” and “Recess,” each candle works to support teachers and provides a nostalgic schoolyard memories for any and everybody.

With gift recognitions typically consisting of supplies, books or money to fund elements in the classroom, Miller-Palmborg wanted to create something that would acknowledge what teachers are doing in a new way. Developing the “Surprise My Teacher” initiative, Chalkboard Candle Co. sends checks to teachers whose names have been entered in a drawing of submissions provided by customers during their candle purchase. Awarded with the understanding that “they should and can use the check however they want to use it,” Miller-Palmborg emphasizes that it does not just have to be for their classrooms and should be used in a way to treat themselves. “Teachers that work so hard and sacrifice so much and don’t get paid the best,” she says. “[The check] is really just to show them that we see them, and we appreciate the work that they are doing.”

Using a percentage of sales to source these checks, Miller-Palmborg says she originally expected to gift one each month, but due to the success of the business they have been able to award a gift check nearly every week since starting last fall. “As a teacher I got joy out of seeing my students happy or excited about something and I’m still getting that feeling just in a different way,” she says about the positive reviews she receives from customers and teachers.

With educators in her family, Edina resident, and regional director of For Goodness Cakes, Allison Sundquist, a nonprofit that specializes in providing birthday cakes to underprivileged kids, understands the impact that teachers have on society. Purchasing candles as gifts for loved ones, herself and as featured items in gift baskets at For Goodness Cakes events, Sundquist says that she is happy to support a business that is doing good for the community.

“We both [For Goodness Cakes and the Chalkboard Candle Co.] have missions we are trying to draw attention to for different populations of people in need,” Sundquist says. “Giving shows that someone in the community cares about you, we don’t know them and probably will never meet you, but you do matter and should be celebrated.”

Fan Favorite Scents

Hall Pass

Taking a break from it all, this complex scent combines coconut, fresh leaves and fruity lemon with eucalyptus and cedarwood to create a calming aroma.

Early Dismissal

Cheers, schools out! This mint mojito inspired candle combines the luscious scent of muddled peppermint and eucalyptus with tropical notes of pineapple lime and a splash of rum, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Class Clown

Transporting you back in time to a classic childhood breakfast, this silly scent is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite sugary cereal. This candle merges the sweet scents of vanilla and lemon with a touch of sandalwood to create fun and elevated aroma.

Chalkboard Candle Co.
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