This Winter Wonderland Photo was Actually Taken Last April

by | Feb 2019

A snowy shot of the Wooddale Avenue bridge in Edina.

Photo: Lisa Asp

Photographer Lisa Asp shares a bit of local beauty.

In December 2017 we featured Lisa Asp of Tangerine House of Design and her work as a pet photographer. Pet photography is still her specialty, but last year Asp’s husband urged her to explore more of her creative talent and enter some photos into our annual Images of Edina photo contest.

Turns out, the contest provided a prompt for Asp to get out around town for photo shoots out of her norm. You are the beneficiaries of her project.

This photo, titled Winder Wonderland at Wooddale, is one of five photos Asp entered into the contest in 2018. It was not among the winners but we still think it’s a perfect shot to share with you in February.

Funny, but this scene was actually photographed in April! Asp was making a point of driving around town in search of beautiful things to photograph.

“It was such a crazy spring,” says Asp. “The tulips should have been popping.” Instead, it was “one of those days of spring snow with no wind. The ice had melted off the water offering reflections. It was morning and the light was soft because it was still snowing. I didn’t want the sun to come out because I knew it would melt the snow on the branches.”

She had no tri-pod, just her handheld Canon 5D Mark III. “I love the bridge,” Asp says. “It’s one of those things that’s specific to Edina and where it seems the houses disappear in the background.” So she walked down and found a tree to perfectly frame her photo. Click. Submit. Published. It’s that easy sometimes to share a bit of local beauty with your friends and neighbors.

Submissions for our 2019 Images of Edina photo contest will be accepted this summer. Until then, feel free to tag #edinamagazine/@edinamag in your photos on social media for a chance to have them shared online.


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