This Wonderful Fall Wine Comes from a Very Special Place

by | Oct 2020

Lagier Meredith Syrah


Find this and other fall wines at Edina Liquor and France 44.

Our days are growing shorter and my senses are on high alert. I vividly remember the diversity of our trees expressing their colors across the fabric of our village before dropping their leaves. We share this sense of place, Edina, and therefore I am recommending a wine from a very special place in Napa, high atop Mount Veeder. Lagier Meredith Syrah comes from a 4.5-acre vineyard planted among 84 acres of preserved nature, thanks to Steve Lagier and Carole Meredith. Syrah is a savory grape that hauntingly smells like the earth and unfolds with wonderful complexity. White pepper, spice, red fruit. Make this the highlight of your meal and pair with a charcuterie board. Find similar wines at Edina Liquor and France 44.

Scott Anderson is a certified wine professional.


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