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by | Sep 2021

Colee Recke, Pieces and Pair

Artist: Colee Recke

Artwork recommended by the Art Girls.

Hollie Blanchard says, “This mixed media painting had me thinking back to family excursions to the North Shore where endless hours were spent searching for coveted agates along Lake Superior. Road maps, playing the alphabet game and breathtaking autumn leaves bookmarked by the brilliant blue skies of September.” Artist Colee Recke says, “We are not separate from nature. Each stone we see is a collection of stories, of places, of pieces of life. These two stones are a reflection of how we carry the story of the earth’s diversity in our cells, our body and our hearts.” Happy agate hunting!

Artist: Colee Recke
Title: Pieces and Pair
Scale: 30×30
Medium: original mixed media on yupo paper mounted on wood panel and sealed with resin.

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